Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most advanced way of replacing lost teeth or extracted teeth. In this procedure, titanium screws are surgically incorporated in the alveolar bone, with the extensions in the oral cavity for receiving the artificial tooth structure.

Indications for dental implants
  1. Missing teeth due to any reason.
  2. Painful and loose dentures.
  3. To prevent shrinkage of jawbone after tooth loss.
What is involved in getting a dental implant

Most dental implants are secured in the jawbone, providing a chewing surface almost as secure as that of natural teeth. Implants stimulate new bone growth in your jaw(osseointegration), locking the implant in place. Implants consist of two major parts: a permanent anchor and a prosthesis(artificial tooth). The anchor is surgically placed into or on top of the jawbone and can be structured for one or more teeth, partial denture, or a complete denture.

  1. Your dentist prepares your jaw and places the implants, which will hold your new teeth in place.
  2. Then a prosthesis is made on the implant.